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5 Top Tips For Visiting Australia For the First Time – Journey With Chloe

Australia has long been a hotspot for tourists from all over the world – but with that being said, there are many things to bear in mind if you’re visiting for the first time. Here are five top tips.

1. Don’t try and fit it all in at once

Australia is big. So big, in fact, that trying to fit it all into one trip is nigh on impossible. Its biggest cities and popular tourism hotspots are scattered around the coasts of the country, but they’re so far apart that making time for them all is unrealistic.

Stick to one major city – whether that be Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or elsewhere – and try and travel as far as realistically possible without having to sacrifice any of your plans. Many people are surprised by Australia’s sheer scale, but it at least gives you an excuse to make multiple trips.

2. Make the most of the cuisine

One thing many people don’t talk about in regard to Australia is the food – and yet it’s some of the world’s finest. Not only is there a very high quality of ingredients here, but Australian cuisine itself is delicious and diverse. There are the traditional barbecues and the infamous Vegemite, but there are more dishes worth your attention.

Pies are one such dish cherished by the locals, and you’ll find a multitude of them around the country. Each city certainly has their hotspots for a good pie, so be sure to ask around. And drinks are also an important part of Australian culture, with Melbourne being one of the world’s best places for a fresh cup of coffee.

3. Be sure to embrace the culture

Australia has a surprisingly profound culture and tons of history to be uncovered – with its vast Aboriginal heritage, there’s a very interesting backstory that you can learn about. In fact, Australia is home to the oldest surviving civilisation on Earth, with Indigenous people making up for around 3% of the country’s population.

But there’s a more contemporary culture to embrace during your Australian adventure. The locals here are pleasantly irreverent, and it reflects in the way of life – you can expect one of the most relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable travel experiences you’ll ever have.

4. Get out into the wilderness

There is an enormous number of national parks and other spots of natural beauty throughout Australia, so it pays to head out of the big cities into the wilderness. There’s the famed Ayers Rock, of course – you can’t get close but it’s majestic and astounding enough from a distance – and then there’s the countless sprawling parks dotted around the country to discover.

Kadaku National Park and Daintree National Park are two of the most popular choices for their diverse landscapes and lush natural features, but research which parks are close to you and go and explore. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Choose wisely when you visit

The seasons here in Australia are much different to those back at home. Winter takes place during the summer of many other countries, so ensure you’re visiting at the right time to avoid your holiday becoming a washout.