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Getting Naked at a Nudist Campsite for the First Time in Campbelltown, Australia – Journey With Chloe

­Driving along the East Coast of Australia in my green Toyota Hiace camper van with Ed, I quickly realised just how expensive it is to travel the country. Food and petrol are always needing topped up. Especially with a protein fanatic and a foodie onboard. We try to cut costs as much as possible so free campsites are a haven amongst us backpackers. Although, I never did expect to stay at a nudist campsite. I didn’t even know they existed until I was searching on the WikiCamps app.

SunValley Nudist Campsite Australia

As we were nearing Sydney, the free campsites were getting scarce. That’s when I came across SunValley Nudist Campsite Australia near Campbelltown in NSW. It had toilets, drinking water, hot showers, bush walks, campfires allowed, a kitchen and lounge area. And it was all free. Sounds too good to be true, right? I was sceptical at first too. People don’t just give this luxury away for free. There must be a catch…

Being the review snob I am, I checked every single review on WikiCamps with scrutiny. All of them were positive. Even solo female travellers had had their first nudist experience here and raved about it. If the reviews were anything to go by, this place was a nudist paradise! Any feeling of hesitation that I’d had disappeared.

When we arrived, Ted greeted us in all his naked glory. He showed us around and even gave us a key to the place! It was even better than I’d expected. There was flat ground for camping, the toilets were super clean, the hot shower was delightful and we didn’t have to worry about drinking water. Ted was so welcoming and made us feel comfortable right from the start.

We stripped off and had our first nudist experience! We sat in the sun, cooked dinner on the fire, walked down to the river and jumped off a huge rock into the freezing cold water. On our second night, we had dinner with Ted and chilled in the lounge area watching Game of Thrones in front of the fire. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But it wasn’t like that at all. Ted’s just a really nice guy, who is dedicated to educating people about nudism. He told us that he opened the place as a free campsite as a joke to compete with the “legit” paid one next door when a couple backpackers turned up on his doorstep one day looking for a nudist campsite. It seems that nudism is dying though. Ted says that young people just aren’t as interested anymore.

It’s sad because it’s such a liberating experience that I think everyone should try once in their lifetime. We come into this world naked and go out of this world naked so why should it be such a taboo thing in society?

I’m happy that I stayed at SunValley Nudist Campsite Australia. Would I stay there again? Yes. At first, I did it to push myself out of my comfort zone and try a new experience. By the end, it became more than that. It allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin, it opened my mind and grew my confidence. I felt more free! I’ll definitely be looking out for other nudist places along our road trip in Australia.

To anyone who is travelling along the East Coast in Australia, add this little gem to your list! Have an open mind and try something new. You might even get a whole new perspective afterwards. I’m away to have a cold beer now, bottoms up!