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Snowboarding Daytrip in Sierra Nevada, Spain – Journey With Chloe

If there is one sport that I would take up professionally and make part of my lifestyle, it would be snowboarding. Ever since I first tried it in Andorra in 2016, I became hooked. Since I was staying in Granada (Southern Spain), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. And you shouldn’t either.

Getting There

It’s really simple. In order to get to the bus station in Granada, take the SN1 bus opposite the cathedral in Granada at 14 Gran Via for 25 minutes. It’s €1.20 for a single ticket.

When you arrive at la Estación de Autobuses, buy your ticket from one of the machines or at the Alsa counter. From Monday to Friday, buses from Granada to Sierra Nevada leave at either 8am, 10am or 5pm. For Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there is also an extra bus at 3pm.

From Monday to Friday, buses from Sierra Nevada to Granada leave at 9am, 4pm or 6.30pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there’s an extra bus at 1pm.

The journey takes around 50 minutes and costs €5 one way. I would recommend taking the 8am bus for a full day of skiing or snowboarding. We returned at 4pm because the cable car to the slopes closes at 5pm. Although, I later realised that you can ski or snowboard down to the bottom. But there is a sign that indicates this is for experts only.


The ski season starts in early December and normally finishes around the end of April.

The slopes are colour coded for difficulty. Green is for beginners. The blue is intermediate. Red is difficult and black is very difficult.

It was really sunny and quite icy when we visited. Tip: bring a snood and suncream to protect your face against windburn and sunburn.


A one day forfeit ticket is €45/47 for low season/high season which gives you full access to the slopes and cable car in the ski resort. Two days cost €86/93, three days cost €125/133 and a whole week is €242/259.

There are different rental shops, so shop around first to find the cheapest gear. I paid €15 for the snowboarding equipment, €6 for a helmet and €5 for gloves. If you need more gear, you will pay around €5 for goggles and €10 each for jacket and trousers.

In total, I spent about €90 for the day including transport, equipment and food.

Lessons are also available for newbies. Prices range from €39 to €48 per hour, depending on the company. Tip: It’s cheaper to do a lesson in groups. 

There’s no doubt that skiing and snowboarding are expensive hobbies. It puts a lot of people off doing it. It shouldn’t though. We choose how we spend our money, whether it’s on new clothes or an unforgettable experience.

Where’s the best place you have ever gone skiing or snowboarding?