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How Saving Money to Travel Turns You Into a Hermit at Home – Journey With Chloe

I don’t know about you, but the more I travel, the easier it becomes to save money. For anyone who has been bitten by the travel bug, you will know that there’s no coming back. After you’re home from one trip, you’re already planning the next one!

But travel doesn’t come cheap. We need to fund our insatiable hunger to explore the world.

After I came back from my first solo trip to South East Asia, I started doing something which I never did before: save. I read a LOT of articles, and started to adapt my lifestyle to the ways of saving money. Resisting the temptation to buy Lush shampoo or Yankee candles has become easy for me as long as I stay in the mindset of “I could use that money to travel“.

However, no one seemed to mention the negative side to saving money within the travel blogger community, which came unexpectedly: the depressing impact on my social life. The truth hit me hard, and it hurt.

It costs to socialise.

It turns out that socialising is the biggest expense out there. For me, anyway. Going out for a coffee tea, a meal, to the cinema, shopping, gigs, clubbing, used to cost me at least £50 a week. Now, I aim to spend a fifth of that.

When I first began to cut down on spending in all areas of my life, I noticed that I would go out and see my friends less. I’ve seen a lot of articles come up with the magical unrealistic solution: ask your friends to do something free.

OK, yes, it may work to a certain extent. But just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean that your friends are. Not everyone will want to change their behaviour to match yours. Maybe they want to spend money on a three course meal and three Long Island Iced Tea cocktails.

I knew that travelling isn’t always peachy keen, but what is this treachery? There can be negatives even before travelling?! I guess it’s a frustrating conclusion. There will always be a trade-off when you choose to live a life that isn’t often settled. It is a choice. A life on the go with new experiences in exchange for a dampened version of your social life at home.

I guess the question is, are you willing to sacrifice your old social life for this new travel lifestyle?