My name is Chloe Saffron Gibson, and I’m 21 years old. I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but I’m really a citizen of the world. My ultimate goal is to travel all 197 countries during my lifetime while adding value to the world on this incredible journey.

My parents would tell me that I was just like a wind-up toy when I was younger. They would set me down, and I would just go. Most kids look back at a certain point to check their parents are still there, but I wouldn’t. I would just keep running, always wanting to explore. Like pretty much everyone else though, I grew up with a boring routine and became exhausted with life.

My first ever solo trip to Spain changed everything.

Now, I’m 100% certain that the rat race or so-called “normal life” isn’t for me. My most recent solo trip to South East Asia made me realise this more than ever. Throwing myself into a 9 – 5 office job, climbing the career ladder, commuting in traffic to work everyday, having a mortgage and kids just isn’t for me.

I want to align my lifestyle with what I truly love: travelling, helping people, being in nature, meditating and discovering what life has to offer. And I want show people that they can do what they love too.

Journey with Chloe gives you travel tips, life experiences and thoughts on mindfulness to motivate and inspire your own journey.


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